Why Use a Mortgage Broker ?

Why Use a Mortgage Broker ?

Why should you use a Mortgage Broker instead of going directly to the bank ?


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The difference is that a Mortgage broker represents the client 100% as they are paid by the client. We make sure that you get the best deal available on the market. Om the other hand the bank clerks will promote to you the best deal that they are told to promote by the bank managers. The purpose of the bank is to increase their profits so they will promote the product that will increase their profits and get them bonuses.

However, we want to make sure that our clients receive the best offer with the best terms. We will adapt the mortgage offer that is most suitable to your financial needs.

Another reason to consult a mortgage broker is to make sure you are representing the best case to the bank because if you do not come prepared to the bank , with the documents and information then your application could be rejected. We will check all your paperwork, and advise when and how to represent your claim to the bank.

A mortgage broker will show you a breakdown of the monthly payments over the lifetime of the mortgage using Excel Spreadsheets, Charts and Graphs to compare the different rates and their advantages and disadvantages of each mortgage track.

A Mortgage broker will give you the time to work out what the best rate and track is for your circumstances.

A Mortgage broker will also negotiate the best rates and terms for you, arguing your case among the different banks and getting you the best deal.

Bring us your decision in principle and we guaranteed to beat it or we will charge NO FEE.